Street Furniture Gets Interactive

Nokia Shows Off Camera Phone in Portugal

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Brand: Nokia
Brand Owner: Nokia
Category: Telecoms/Mobile
Region: Portugal
Date: March to September 2006
Agency: YDreams Advertising
Media Channels: Mobile, Internet, TV, Radio

The technology inside mobile phones is now so complex that it deserves an advertising medium that reflects that processing power. Airport passengers in Lisbon have been able to experience such a medium thanks to a new campaign from Nokia. Inside the departure lounge is a single site that offers a glimpse of the future of out-of-home advertising.
Swivel, point, shoot, click: A piece of street furniture gets interactive in a Lisbon airport.
Swivel, point, shoot, click: A piece of street furniture gets interactive in a Lisbon airport.

The world's first interactive street-furniture installation is for Nokia's N-90 and the moment it detects a pedestrian it springs into life. The monolith-like installation first swivels either right or left to ensure that the creative message is directly in front of the consumer. It then snaps a photograph of the person and displays it on a screen.

The execution fits well with the new N Series new "Twist and Shoot" design and brings to life the quality lens and two-mega-pixel camera.

Due to the success of the installation, the placement has been extended from three months to six months at the time of writing.

Airports are essentially laboratories for the outdoor business, and the high quality of the audience enables media owners to create bespoke technology solutions for clients. Plasma screens were first installed in such an environment, for example.

This campaign -- if a single site can be called a campaign -- uses technology to create an automated brand experience.

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