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In Lithuania, Raising Awareness of Recycling Service

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Brand: EMP
Category: Electronic goods
Region: Lithuania
Date: May to June 2006
Media Agency: Universal McCann
Other Agencies: McCann Erickson
Media Channels: Mobile, out of home, ambient

EMP is a new concept in Lithuania, an electrical goods recycling firm that will come and collect your old TVs and fridges from your home. All you have to do is ring a toll-free phone number. The idea is to stop consumers hoarding old appliances, freeing up storage space in garages and sheds as well as provide an environmental benefit through re-use or recycling.

The low-budget media campaign to launch the company needed to show people just how irritating it is living with unused appliances. It stuck old TVs to seats on public transportation in five major cites, so that the seat was unavailable even if the bus was crowded. Specially built outdoor boards topped billboard messages with a collection of redundant TVs to bring home the danger of cluttering up the city with old electrical goods.
If you don't dispose of those old TVs, you won't be able to sit on this bus.
If you don't dispose of those old TVs, you won't be able to sit on this bus.

Viral movie clips were also part of the campaign, showing alternative ways to dump old household goods and then sent them out to friends and friends. More conventional advertising included print ads, leaflets and posters in stairwells in blocks of flats.

The activity was such a success that EMP struggled to cope, staff had to work longer hours and over the weekends to service all the requests it received. It has now expanded its staff from 96 to 150 employees and 23 new trucks have been purchased.

Three months after the campaign, research showed that EMP is top of mind for 12% of respondents while a further 17% can remember its "green ads" or have a leaflet at home.

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