Teaching Mickey Mouse the Hindi Alphabet

Walt Disney Introduces Toon Disney to India -- and Local Advertisers

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Brand: Toon Disney
Brand Owner: Walt Disney Television International
Category: Publishing and broadcasting
Region: India
Date: August to September, 2005
Media Agency: Maxus
Other Agencies: Contract Advertising, Landscape Advertising, OgilvyOne, Maxus Interaction
Media Channels: Out of home, print

Many markets have multiple languages, creating barriers for media owners. In India children's channel Toon Disney was experiencing difficulties in cracking the market as it didn't have any programming in Hindi.
Newspapers were part of the media strategy to raise awareness of Toon Disney Channel's Hindi-language programming.
Newspapers were part of the media strategy to raise awareness of Toon Disney Channel's Hindi-language programming.

That, however, was about to change and Maxus was briefed to raise rapid awareness among households in metropolitan areas such as Mumbai and Delhi. Its secondary challenge was to make potential advertisers aware of the switch.

The media strategy was to take both groups by surprise by letting them experience the challenge of seeing something in Hindi that they expected to see in English.

Outdoor sites showed Mickey Mouse learning the Hindi alphabet while radio DJs chatted about the campaign and asked listeners if they liked the idea of their favorite Toon characters talking in Hindi.

Newspapers were also in on the act with Mumbai Mirror turning its business section into Hindi for the first time ever. And to reach further into the marketing community, key websites such as Indiantelevision.com and agencyfaqs.com also turned Hindi for the day.

The transformation in press was particularly remarkable, as it was perceived to be conservative and predictable, while the language switch was a media first for some online media owners.

The result of this transformation was that channel share increased by 505% during the eight-week campaign, share of revenue was up by 18% and the number of advertisers on the channel increased by 67% in the first month after launch.

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