Turning an Urban Square Into a Vegetable Garden

London Stunt for Heinz Salad Cream

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One of the last things urban Londoners can normally expect to experience is a rural style "pick your own" field in the heart of the city -- but that's exactly what Heinz created for two days this month in London's fashionable Soho Square.

To promote its Salad Cream, the marketer installed the "It Has to Be Heinz" city allotment in a large part of the famous square, turning it over to vegetable patches, scarecrows, watering cans and wheelbarrows -- as well as new crowds.

After getting hands-on with the veggies, visitors could have their fresh "pick-n-mix" washed before preparing their own salads or sandwiches using cold meats, bread and, of course, Salad Cream provided by Heinz.

Children were particularly excited by the prospect of picking their own vegetables, with some commenting that they had never seen a carrot in the ground before. The children also had the opportunity to wash the food they had picked and then take it home with them. Heinz donated proceeds from donations at the event to the charity Help a London Child.

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