Head of Associated Press Challenges Newspapers to Shed Arrogance, Take on Portals

What You Should Have Read, Nov. 2, 2007

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AP CEO Tom Curley: Newspapers Have to Give Up Arrogance
Associated Press President-CEO Tom Curley delivered an address at the Knight-Bagehot dinner last night where he called out newspaper publishers for being too arrogant. "News is hot, but the news business isn't," he said. "We must take bold, decisive steps to secure the audiences and funding to support journalism's essential role in both our economy and democracy, or find ourselves on an ugly path to obscurity. The portals are running off with our best stuff, and we're afraid or unable to make or enforce deals that drive fair value." He later said, "Our institutional arrogance has done more to harm us than any portal. We must understand and embrace the new ways people ... are consuming content."
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