What You Should Have Read, June 11, 2007

Who Else Bid for Dow Jones?

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NBC Studied Dow Jones Bid with Microsoft
The New York Times reports that NBC and Microsoft, partners in MSNBC, explored making a joint bid for Dow Jones but decided against it a week ago. Representatives from NBC and Microsoft talked to advisers to the Bancroft family. But after more detailed analysis by NBC and Microsoft executives, they decided against going further.
FCC formally opens XM-Sirius merger review
Reuters reports the Federal Communications Commission formally opened its review for public comment of Sirius Satellite Radio's proposed acquisition of XM Satellite Radio Holdings, a move that starts a 180-day review clock. The deal is currently being reviewed by both the Justice Department and the FCC, which issued both satellite radio licenses in 1997 on the condition the two companies would never merge.
A Bang-Up Finale For 'The Sopranos'
The Washington Post's Tom Shales weighs in, along with so many others, on the ending of HBO's most successful series. He sees the black screen as David Chase's "unorthodox and arguably ingenious way of ending the series and dispatching the Soprano family to eternity." Whether the ending worked for you or not, Shales says the series "is a classic now, and one that will live on for years."
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