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Media Morph: Dabble

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NEW YORK ( -- Every week Ad Age Digital's Media Morph looks at how emerging technology is changing the way consumers get their information and media companies and advertisers present their messages. This week: Dabble.
Dabble, like photo-sharing site Flickr, allows users to create playlists of videos.
Dabble, like photo-sharing site Flickr, allows users to create playlists of videos.

What is it: Dabble is to video what Flickr is to photos. Taking advantage of the revolution in massively shared user-generated video, Dabble invites the least-experienced auteurs to create, mix, browse and organize videos online. It's a bookmarking and playlist tool that finds video clips and lets users create personalized playlists that can be found on video-sharing sites and video blogs, or vblogs.

Who's using it: A growing community of filmmakers and consumers swapping their work online.

How it works: Dabble tracks more than 250 video-hosting companies -- including YouTube and Google Video -- and thousands of independent video sites and vlogs. Users are able to collect and tag their favorite clips, as well as subscribe to other users' playlists and favorites as they would on other bookmarking communities like

Who's behind it: A group of entrepreneurs with years of experience in the white-hot fields of Web 2.0 social media and search. Before founding Dabble last year, CEO Mary Hodder worked with companies in the open-source, photo-sharing, blog-aggregation and search fields. Another member of the team, Isabel Walcott Hillborn, who heads business development, in 1996 launched a social network named, which was acquired by the University of Michigan in 2001.

Advertising: There are no ad plans yet -- although commercial spots such as the popular Sony Bravia "Balls" one are showing up in the tool. Ms. Hodder and her team are considering offering a premium service in the future.
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