Twitter Worth $3.7 Billion?; Yahoo's Christmas Massacre; IBM's Trivia Bot: The Week in Social Buzz

The Ad Age/OneRiot Brand Buzz Chart, Dec. 9-16

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In putting together this chart -- a collaboration between Advertising Age and real-time buzz tracker OneRiot -- each week, it's usually easy to figure out what graphic to stick in "The Spin" column, which is meant to convey the tone of prevailing news coverage. In today's installment, for instance, BP, under fresh legal siege, gets a red "frowny" emoticon, while Twitter gets a green "smiley" emoticon on the heels of a new round of financing which gives it a rather astonishing $3.7 billion valuation (on paper).

But all the chatter about, and media coverage of, CNN's Larry King -- his farewell show, after 25 years, is tonight -- doesn't quite definitively tip into positive or negative territory. Even the most glowing appreciations of the iconic broadcaster seem invariably tinged with qualifiers (e.g., he was the ultimate softball interviewer; he was sometimes hilariously clueless about his guests). And the general spin about CNN at this moment is, well, apprehensive. (Nobody seems to know if King's replacement, British journalist and television personality Piers Morgan, will lift the news network's fortunes.) Actually, make that dubious -- as in this bit of coverage from the Los Angeles Times: "On eve of Larry King exit, CNN tries to paint happy face on record low ratings ."

The Story The Spin Key Source
1 Facebook Harvard Dropout Lands Time Magazine Cover :) Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Facebook Founder Zuckerberg Named Time Person of Year
2 BP U.S. Government Sues to Make BP "Liable Without Limitation" for Gulf Oil Spill :( NPR: Justice Department Sues BP, Others Over Gulf Spill
3 CNN Talk King Cedes His Throne at CNN :-| NYT: Larry King Prepares to Sign Off, and Everybody's Talking
4 IBM Robot Built by IBM to Take on TV Trivia Champs :) IBM machine to Play Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter in a Game of 'Jeopardy!'
5 Yahoo Yahoo Trims 4% of Staff; 600 Lose Their Jobs :( AP via ABC News: Yahoo Layoffs Cast Holiday Pall
6 Gawker Blog Network Gawker Media Attacked by Hackers :( NPR: Says Its User Database Was Compromised
7 Twitter Twitter Now Worth $3.7 Billion (On Paper) :) AllThingsD: Twitter Raises $200 Million

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