Craig Woerz

Co-Managing Partner, Media Storm

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Craig Woerz's timing could have been better. He and his business partner, Tim Williams, launched their independent media agency Media Storm just after Sept. 11. They'd become disenchanted with the business after the swath of consolidation and wanted to create an agency that focused on business verticals. Theirs was to be entertainment.
Craig Woerz, Co-Managing Partner, Media Storm
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Five years later, the agency has built a vertical expertise in its array of entertainment accounts, which include NBC Universal, Tribune Entertainment, Fox, FX and Court TV.

Mr. Woerz's whole career has been in the entertainment industry-starting with New Brown Hat, his band that toured from Maine to Georgia with Neil Young and Blues Traveler. He sold CDs out of the back of a truck, and created a customer database. But the big break came as a marketer, not as a musician. After his pipe dream died, he went to work in marketing for Blockbuster Video and in business development at Time Warner's entertainment division.

The key, says the 35-year-old co-managing partner at Media Storm, is that he and Mr. Williams know their clients' businesses because they've been there. And the lights are always on. "We're quick and nimble, and react to requests immediately from a service standpoint," he says. "We're not keeping time cards on business and managing the bottom line all the way up."

And he's connected core traditional advertising with newly emerging platforms. For FX's latest season of "Rescue Me," Media Storm created a promotional half episode for VOD, broadband video and wireless. A recent Court TV campaign included billboards meant to go viral. The billboards, placed in New York and Los Angeles, never mention Court TV and instead contain a fictitious message from an angry wife who's caught her husband cheating and wants to expose him to all his peers. The stunt generated plenty of publicity and attention for Court TV.

"They're very much an ideation-driven company, not just a straight media-driven company," says Mary Corigliano, senior VP-marketing at Court TV. "Craig encourages that within his group. ... I need someone who will take my $1 and turn it into $100."

* Drove FX's "Rescue Me" with broadband and wireless play

* Viral efforts "turn $1 into $100" for Court TV
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