David Lang

Senior Partner-Director of Programming, MindShare Entertainment

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David Lang knows how to entertain busy moms and horny guys while keeping the brand front and center. Since joining MindShare Entertainment in 2005, he has helped produce branded-entertainment projects for Unilever's Dove and Axe brands. As senior partner-director of programming, this is his first job at an agency.
David Lang, Senior Partner-Director of Programming, MindShare Entertainment
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For Dove, he helped produce a trio of webisodes starring "Desperate Housewives" star Felicity Huffman and directed by Penny Marshall. The webisodes were the center of the Dove Calming Night product-line launch.

The point was to tell moms to take a shower at night and tackle the next day in their crazy lives, Mr. Lang says. So Ms. Huffman plays herself, showers with the product at night and has a restful sleep. Then she dreams she travels back in time and meets legendary TV moms like June Cleaver, Carol Brady and Lilly Munster, and she talks with them about universal questions moms have.

"One point of distinction for us at MindShare Entertainment is not only our skill sets of who we are and where we come from-my background's in television-but it's being able to create ideas and source ideas, and get top-name talent interested," he says.

The Dove work launched Feb. 19. Four days later, a 30-minute show involving Axe aired on Spike TV. "The concept was that there was a secret order living in the shadows of society for hundreds of years helping men scrub away the shame of their questionable hookups," he says. The product was an exfoliant called Snake Peel Shower Gel. A campaign that included print, TV and on-campus media programs followed.

Mr. Lang "understands very clearly and always starts with 'What are you trying to communicate? What is your overarching objective?' " says Laura Klauberg, senior marketing officer at Unilever. "And then regardless of what that is, he is able to very creatively put together and create really engaging entertainment ideas that very much are in the spirit of the brand."

Mr. Lang, 44, comes from Lorne Michaels' Broadway Video where he was senior VP-development and production. But Mr. Lang didn't always see this future for himself. "I really wanted to be a sportscaster," he says.

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* Show offered guys way to scrub away the odd hookups
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