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VP-Advertising, Media, General Mills

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The sea change that has morphed ad campaigns into content has also turned Doug from an account guy into a media guy.

Mr. Moore, 42, spent 15 years on the agency side at Dancer Fitzgerald Sample (working first on Honey Nut Cheerios) and Saatchi & Saatchi before joining General Mills in 2001 as VP-advertising and branding. His agency account expertise was intended to help Mills fuel brand growth through dynamic use of new media. Five years later, his vision of media as "content creation and distribution" has garnered a recent promotion to VP-advertising and media, where he is busily connecting the dots between creative and the traditional media world.
Doug Moore, VP-Advertising, Media, General Mills
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Often the internet bridges the gap. When he got to General Mills in 2001, Mr. Moore says, "We were living with an old AOL contract buying ad banners and that kind of thing, typical of the time." But within six months, he made the internet Mills' "real engagement and brand-loyalist platform," creating sites for CRM, or what he dubs "household-level marketing," such as, and They are designed to offer valuable content that people-grocery-buying moms in particular-would use.

Such platforms have offered return on investment that is "very, very high, so high in fact that we want to lean into it more aggressively," he says. To that end, this fall Mills went full scale with, a boomer-targeted site the food giant has been market testing that will get the full breadth of online advertising, PR and a viral campaign to woo boomers to its healthful brands, including Cheerios, Cascadian Farm and Yoplait.

It "will allow us to have a dialogue if we're offering up valuable information and services of some kind," Mr. Moore says.

The latest General Mills effort,, for Nature Valley, asks consumers to post comments on their favorite outdoor activity spots.

"Doug's style is to challenge convention and inspire us to be great, not just good," says General Mills Chief Marketing Officer Mark Addicks. "Doug has been a critical change agent in all we're doing at General Mills."

* Connecting the creative and media dots

* Making Cheerios and other brands relevant to the baby boomer crowd
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