Figuring Out How Broadcast and Digital Can Work Together

Q&A: NewCast's Group Media Director Maureen Bosetti

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NEW YORK ( -- Maureen Bosetti was recently promoted to senior VP-group media director for NewCast, Optimedia U.S.'s digital and national broadcast integration unit. Prior to joining Optimedia in 2004, Ms. Bosetti worked as VP-supervisor at Universal McCann. She has also held positions with Discovery Communications and GM Mediaworks.
Maureen Bosetti
Maureen Bosetti

Here, Ms. Bosetti talks with MediaWorks about the progress of digital and broadcast integration.

MediaWorks: How well are the networks integrating online offerings with on-air ad time?

Ms. Bosetti: All networks are putting a lot of effort into their digital offerings to make them more integrated and to offer more compelling content. Most networks offer online as part of an ad buy, but both properties really need to work against a client's objectives in order to recommend investing their advertising dollars.

MediaWorks: Who's doing the best job?

Ms. Bosetti: MTV Networks are doing a good job of truly integrating on-air with online. They always have on-air mentions driving to unique content online and they have figured out ways to integrate advertisers into these messages.

MediaWorks: How do networks -- like MTV -- get a high convergence of TV viewers going online?

Ms. Bosetti: What MTV does well [is say] "You just watched 'The Hills,' do you want to see what ['Hills' character] Lauren says about Heidi?" It's effective when you really offer that kind of exclusive content so it takes people beyond the 30-minute show they just watched. And MTV gives a lot of exclusive, behind-the-scenes content. It has to be done effectively. If it's just go online and watch a trailer, I don't know if that's as effective. It has to offer them something unique and interesting.

MediaWorks: Can you think of a campaign -- using either product integration or digital and broadcast integration -- that has struck you as effective?

Ms. Bosetti: We did something with "Gilmore Girls." We had product integration in the show and there were on-air promo shots during [the show that drove] people to the website to go and play a "Gilmore Girls" trivia game. Those kinds of opportunities, where we have a really good scripted integration that ties back to our communications objectives, and then we have promo spots and an online component -- a real 360 campaign -- that really pays off.
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