Universal McCann Hires Search Expert for MasterCard, Intel

Stuart Bogaty Will Run Global Media Accounts

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NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Universal McCann has lured Stuart Bogaty away from [email protected], where he was North America CEO and co-managing director of the agency's New York office, to be managing partner-global accounts and to lead media services for its worldwide Intel and MasterCard accounts. Mr. Bogaty, 38, will start his new position, based in New York, on May 22. MediaWorks checked in with Mr. Bogaty for insight into the role of interactive marketing today and how he plans to bring that to Universal McCann.
Stuart Bogaty
Stuart Bogaty

MediaWorks: Nick Brien, worldwide CEO and president of Universal McCann, has said consumers are tougher to reach and media planners need to have expertise in areas outside of traditional print and broadcast mediums. Are you part of bringing this expertise to Universal McCann?

Mr. Bogaty: One of the things that they really liked about what I brought to the table was that not only do I have the traditional background from years ago, but most recently I've been involved deeply in interactive, including search, in addition to all the different types of direct-response media, be it print or TV. Because a lot of what is happening out in the world is a lot more about return on investment and a lot more about response.

I believe that the thinking behind where Universal McCann is going, and again it's hard for me to say this 'cause I'm not part of the organization technically yet, is that having that level of strategic thinking and someone that can bring that to the table with a complete team behind them is going to make for a more comprehensive and a more consistent and unique team on behalf of clients. All of the major players, whether they are the CMOs at large Fortune 500 companies or the people one or two levels below them, are all very interested in doing things new and differently not for the sake of doing them new and differently but because we have to.

MediaWorks: In terms of the two accounts you'll be working on, are the consumers of these products specifically those who need to be approached differently?

Mr. Bogaty: I don't think it matters what clients you're working with. I think there is not a single client in the world whose target customers do not need to be approached differently. Everyone needs to be approached differently.

MediaWorks: Would you say your influence and the efforts to build search marketing at Universal McCann is part of an overall trend of brining search marketing to larger shops?

Mr. Bogaty: I don't actually think my hire in itself is doing that. But I firmly believe that's true. It doesn't mean -- and I don't want it to be said -- that I believe the boutique shops are going away because I think there is room for them. But I think what you are finding, and what I started to say a little over a year ago, is that out of these larger agencies -- and this is not just [Universal] McCann or [parent] IPG but as they start to round out their 360 [degree] capability -- search is something that is integral to bring in-house both from an expertise standpoint and a strategy standpoint.

MediaWorks: Where do boutique shops fit in?

Mr. Bogaty: There is always going to be the smaller clients, and boutique shops will make sense for them. And then depending upon what particular clients are looking for, I think they'll always be, and this exists inside of this digital world anyway, there is always something more that's happening in any specific arena. So there may things that some folks focus on that it takes a little bit longer for a large agency to get behind.

MediaWorks: How do you feel about going from running a subsidiary of a company to running specific accounts?

Mr. Bogaty: I don't think it's going to be that big of a change. I mean I have a couple roles right now while still at Ogilvy. I have been running a search operation, and while there has been a grand title on that around CEO, it's never something that's made me think that any position like the one I'm taking is a step down. But at the same time I'm also running accounts similarly to the way I'll be running Intel, although I think I'll be doing it in a bigger way with Intel and MasterCard.

Media Works: What are some of those reasons you decided to make this career change?

Mr. Bogaty: The biggest reason for me really is that, and this is not at all meant to be a knock on the organization that I'm coming from, but what exists right now at Universal McCann is a truly integrated 360-degree media opportunity that touches all media, all of the traditional media you could think of, and all of the online and digital. And while that exists at Ogilvy, it exists in two separate companies. So one of the really exciting things for me is that I'm going to be the global media lead across all media on Intel and MasterCard.
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