Nick Davidge, Agency: Tequila, Age: 33

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HIS STORY Nick Davidge thinks interactive advertising rocks-and he should know, having been a member of the rock band Airbus prior to his second life in advertising. But even during his rock star days, the future interactive star was already on the creative track, having designed an interactive website to promote the launch of the band's first album. "The whole idea behind the website was an old decrepit hotel," says Davidge. "It was kind of like Alice in Wonderland. You'd wander around the corridors and in each room there was different content-songs, lyrics, tour dates, stuff like that. It was my first experience with Flash, and I got pretty excited about the potential of what you could do online for no money. Compared to print and TV, it was cheap, and the only limitation was bandwidth and your imagination. I saw the internet as a great outlet for my imagination-it seemed like an unlimited stage for ideas."

In between tours, Davidge began doing freelance creative work for boutique agencies in London and Bristol, and even started up an online comic during the dot-com boom. But his official arrival on the advertising scene didn't happen until he moved to the U.S. and crossed paths with Tequila in 2003. "I was working on a soundtrack for an independent film and ended up out on location in the Mohave desert while they were filming," he recalls. "The lead actor happened to be a copywriter at Tequila, and we hit it off. I gave him a few links to sites I'd worked on, and next thing I know his boss calls me and asks me to come in for an interview."

HIS RESUME Davidge worked as a copywriter for a year before becoming an associate creative director on Tequila's Nissan and Infiniti accounts. After serving as ACD on the "Virtual Cat" project for the Whiskas website, he jumped onto the PlayStation team and blew people away with his all-encompassing campaign for The Getaway: Black Monday, which included an online audio lesson in Cockney slang and a virtual barman.

IF THERE WAS NO INTERNET, HE WOULD BE "Still rocking the free world! Or maybe Russia. I hear the vodka's good this time of year."

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