A Second Career for Bob Schieffer?

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NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Bob Schieffer -- hopeless romantic?

Yes, it turns out. The Los Angeles Times was among the papers spending some ink on the anchor, who will turn 70 in February, as he wraps his stint behind the "CBS Evening News" desk. Schieffer plans to pass the symbolic baton to Katie Couric tonight on the show.
Bob Schieffer, serious about his ditties
Bob Schieffer, serious about his ditties Credit: AP

And what will he do next? asks reporter Matea Gold. Well, he's heading back to Washington for his former chief-correspondent role. Oh, and he hopes to pursue a side career of songwriting.

Last week, the Los Angeles Daily News reported Mr. Schieffer was a new member of the BMI musicians union and is making "beautiful music" with "Evening News" freelancer and singer/songwriter Jean Bratman. The paper said he'll debut a "silly ditty" for the party after tonight's show.

"I'm very serious about this," Mr. Schieffer told the Times and said he's met with a record exec to discuss recording them in Nashville.

Then he recited the lyrics of "There to Here":

Don't let this moment pass
We may not come this way again
Don't know how we got from there to here
But here we are
Let's make it last

Whoever said journalists were cynical?
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