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NEW YORK ( -- It seems to Watercooler that to rate the cover of a tab these days you have to have a bundle of joy in tow, be pregnant or "ready" to settle down and breed fresh fodder for the paparazzi. This week there are a few exceptions to this rule. Some cover property was allotted to other issues, such as a British breakup (Sir Paul and Heather McCartney -- People), losing a lot of weight (Janet Jackson -- Us Weekly) or plastic surgery (Britney, breasts?; Jessica, lips? -- In Touch Weekly).
These days, there's not much room on the tabloid covers for more than babies.
These days, there's not much room on the tabloid covers for more than babies.

However, as has been the case nearly all spring, babies are never far from the thoughts of tab editors. People is even set to release a "Celebrity Baby" special issue next week. Jumping out ahead of that, Star features Britney and Sean Preston; Gwyneth and Moses; Jennifer Garner and Violet; and Brooke Shields and Grier on its cover to illustrate its story "Cutest Babies!" Inside there are pix of Meg Ryan and Daisy; Michelle Williams and Matilda Rose; and Julia Roberts and Hazel and Phinnaeus, among others. Notably absent is a cameo by the yet-to-be-photographed TomKitten, Suri.

Life & Style's cover claims an exclusive on Brangelina: "All the details on their baby!" Even though, as far as we know, the babe has not yet been born, the mag profiles "last-minute delivery news," "Brad's romantic surprise" and "the baby's unusual name." Life & Style claims the awaited-one is a girl, due June 3. It reports that a Namibian radio station polled listeners about a possible name: Naledi ("star") or Katiti ("little one").

While Watercooler knows the baby parade is a ploy to sell magazines, it's hard to resist the chubby drool-soaked cheeks of the next generation of celebs. If you need us, we'll be at our desk, trying to resist the urge to squeal over the cuties.
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