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NEW YORK ( -- Everyone who buys TV seems to be vying to get into the next key meeting on commercial ratings. It just so happens that it takes place tomorrow at 8:30 a.m., with key participants gathering at NBC's 30 Rock headquarters to thrash out some of the major sticking points in moving to a new TV advertising currency.
NBC research chief Alan Wurtzel is spearheading the meeting.
NBC research chief Alan Wurtzel is spearheading the meeting.

About 35 executives are expected to discuss proposals first made by Mediaedge:cia to switch from program ratings to commercial ratings in an attempt to make TV a much more accountable medium in an internet age.

Spearheading the meeting will be NBC research chief Alan Wurtzel, along with other network research chiefs, media agencies, clients and, of course, Nielsen Media Research. According to one participant, numerous industry figures have been clamoring for invites, but the decision was made to keep things small to start with.

Nielsen is bringing along five executives to answer some important questions about what the industry standard might be, including whether to base commercial ratings off live-plus-same-day data or live plus seven days. Other questions will include how the methodology will work and how sponsorship will be defined. The answers will have huge ramifications for cable channels already altering their commercial breaks to improve ratings.

While Nielsen already tracks commercial ratings, it won't start providing such data to media agencies until later this fall. Still, agencies are already starting to poke through their own research data. One media agency told Watercooler this morning that internal research showed high-profile, youth-oriented cable channels -- which were in many cases the most expensive to buy ads on -- have not performed well.
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