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NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- In the wake of the Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt photos (will we ever stop talking about them?), In Touch reveals that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. No, wait, looks pregnant. It's all about the bump watch. Regardless, how come every time a celebrity has a bit of a belly, she must be having a baby?
Is Jennifer pregnant? Engaged? Whatever her condition, 'Star' has advice for her (still?) broken heart.
Is Jennifer pregnant? Engaged? Whatever her condition, 'Star' has advice for her (still?) broken heart.

Among the usual suspects this week, Aniston and Vince Vaughn's relationship was the main topic of the tabloids, from their romantic Paris getaway to their supposed engagement. Life & Style brings us this latter gem, and even has a picture of the ring. The magazine says Aniston is waiting for Brad's baby news to blow over before she sports the canary diamond. Considering all the coverage that Brad and Angelina's welcome home received by the weeklies, from Shiloh's nursery to talks of secret wedding plans, Aniston may be waiting for some time. The world isn't done with this globetrotting couple yet.

Despite their frequent photo-ops together, Aniston and Vaughn are still an unofficial item, which only feeds the gossip. Us Weekly refrained from speculating too much on their status, though, and merely presented the two as a cute couple. Kudos.

Star came out of nowhere this week with a cover of Reese Witherspoon and Julia Roberts, each of whom is having a third child. No, wait, might be, possibly is planning to, appears to look as though she is. Should these baby rumors result in an actual baby, you can say you heard it there first. The tabloid also was easy on Aniston and her love life, but did suggest she confront Jolie so that her "heart can move on," and even outlines a plan of action. If only we were so lucky to have Star tell us what to do.

Is it even worth commenting on the Britney saga? One week, hubby Kevin Federline is kicked out of the house and they're heading toward divorce; the next he's back and she's on "Dateline" saying her marriage is "awesome." We'll just wait this one out.
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