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NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Dick Parsons for New York mayor? Well he does know a thing or two about financial crises, and getting people who would normally beat each other to a pulp to at least publicly appear to work together.
Richard Parsons: Trading in Time Warner Center for Gracie Mansion?
Richard Parsons: Trading in Time Warner Center for Gracie Mansion? Credit: AP

It used to be that when you finally got the top job at Time Warner, you spent a lot of time making sure you held on to it. After all, you usually got there after a torturous series of mergers and knocking out other executives to have the privilege of sitting atop the world's largest media organization (Steve Ross, Gerry Levin, Steve Case). Once you got there, most people wanted to hang on and enjoy the view.

But it's not as much fun to sit on top, even if it is in the brand-spanking-new Time Warner Center, if all you get to do is clean up other's messes (AOL) and stave off angry shareholders (and apparently, there really is no appeasing Carl Icahn).

So why shouldn't a still sharp CEO weigh the merits of turning his cleanup skills to another arena, where he could be more appreciated? Or at least trade in for better perks, like getting to hang out in Gracie Mansion and throw out the first baseball at Yankees games.

For the record, Parsons says he's staying put at Time Warner til the end of his contract. But still, a mogul can dream.
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