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NEW YORK ( -- As always with Howard Stern, now it’s personal. The lawsuit filed against him by CBS for talking up Sirius Satellite while he was still on air for CBS has roused Stern’s wrath and he happily spewed it on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity & Colmes.” Stern describes Leslie Moonves as “a guy who was on ‘Love Boat’… and now he’s playing the biggest role of his life, CEO of CBS.”
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Howard Stern

Stern accuses Moonves of ignoring the radio division, which is why it’s in a "huge slump." “This is a guy who passes off blame, files lawsuits using CBS stock -- I’m a CBS stockholder. I’d like to know why he’s spending money on frivolous lawsuits.

“Les gave me his blessing, ‘Go on the air.’ He made record profits, and now he wants to sue me for doing what he told me to do. He should sue himself,” Stern said.

And he believes it really is just a smokescreen to hide CBS Radio’s performance since he’s left. “This lawsuit was timed to come out around this huge loss. They just lost ratings like we've never seen in the history of radio before. Poor preparation, no work done, 14 months to prepare, and now they got socked,” Stern said. “This lawsuit was announced on the same day all you guys were preparing stories about how poorly the radio division just did. Instead, this story became ‘CBS Sues Howard Stern.’ ... It was a distraction. It was a good move that way. Protect Les. Can’t make him look bad. Let’s not look bad here. This lawsuit was a distraction so that the stockholders will think Les is doing something.”

Stern also predicts karma will take care of Moonves. “This is going to be the crack in the cosmic egg for Les Moonves,” he said. “This guy has gotten a free ride because the television ratings have been good. They put him in charge of the entire company, radio and television. And now people are going to see what this guy’s up to.”

He later had a warning for “Today Show” host Katie Couric. “A guy like Les Moonves doesn’t have an ounce of respect for us. He will put you to work, he’ll tell you –- he’ll pat you on the back, say you’re doing a good job, and then when you leave, he’ll sue you. This is not a guy you want to work for. Katie Couric, beware.”

The shock jock says the blame for the radio division losses will fall squarely on CBS Radio President-CEO Joel Hollander. “You know who he’s going to fire? Joel Hollander, who I call Dead Man Walking. Joel’s going to lose his job.”

Ultimately, we learn, Howard is hurt. “I was a loyal player, and this is no way to repay a guy after all of this hard work. When you know the lawsuit has no merit, this is vindictive. This is vicious. This is jealousy. This is being green with envy. It’s a shame on CBS. The once-great CBS, the home of Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite. What a -- what a knock. This is not the CBS any more.”

A CBS spokesman declined to respond to any of Stern’s barbs.

Fox News is so pleased with this interview, which first aired last night, it’s re-airing it tonight at 9 p.m. EST.

Correction: The Howard Stern interview was a two-parter, not a re-airing. The second part of his interview aired last night. We apologize for the flub.

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