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NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- The critics might not like Capt. Jack Sparrow and his crew's second turn on the Black Pearl, but the average summer-movie fan sure does. "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" broke box-office records by raking in $55 million on its first night, and becoming the fastest film to reach $100 million in ticket sales by its second day. So far, worldwide, the movie has earned $182.3 million, selling just under 20 million tickets.
Captain Jack Sparrow is box office gold.
Captain Jack Sparrow is box office gold. Credit: Disney

More evidence that the critics can't sway audiences when it comes to popular characters: Seven of the ten most-talked-about people in the blogosphere, as tracked by Nielsen BuzzMetrics BlogPulse for July 9, were from "Pirates." Johnny Depp nabbed three of those spots, No. 1 as himself and No. 2 and No. 7 going to Jack Sparrow and Captain Jack Sparrow. Many of the posts were variations on the hotness and general all-around-awesomeness of Johnny Depp. Orlando Bloom, also singled out for his hotness, landed at No. 4, while co-star Keira Knightly was at No. 9. The blogosphere is divided on spelling, however, landing Davy Jones at No. 5, and Davey Jones at No. 10. (Filling out the top ten most-talked-about people were a wizard and a president: Harry Potter was No. 3, and George Bush was No. 8. Watercooler doesn't even want to contemplate what that says about the country's obsessions.)

One blogger (http://lawhawk.blogspot.com/2006/07/yo-ho-ho-and-boatload-of-cash.html) summed it up nicely: "I saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie last night, and let's just say that it was exactly what the summer movie season ordered. ... It's a box office smash hit that breaks the single-day box-office take. $55 million in just the first day. That's a whole lot of popcorn. Pirates is a popcorn flick that mixes humor, action, and eye candy. ... What do you expect from a Jerry Bruckheimer production? The story is not bad, but it's almost besides the point. It's all about the action sequences."

Indeed. And lots of them. After all, this is a movie franchise based on a Walt Disney Co. theme park ride, and that ride will need something to hang its hat on.

Pirate mania is good news for Disney, which spent $225 million to produce the second movie, and has already committed to a third. In fact, the cast and crew were filming the two sequels simultaneously, and the plan was that the third would have been almost complete by now. But due to setbacks, including a hurricane, the third film is only about 40% complete right now. If Disney wants to take its cue from the blog world, we'd say be sure the third includes a big dose of Johnny Depp.
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