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NEW YORK ( –- Is Jim Cramer, the excitable Wall Street whiz who hosts CNBC’s “Mad Money,” developing a reality series, loosely based on Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” for would-be Wall Street kings? That’s what Rebecca Dana reports in today’s New York Observer, citing two sources familiar with the plans for a show called “King of Wall Street” to air on either CNBC or NBC.
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Jim Cramer

Mr. Cramer’s is already a well-known media personality. He made a fortune running his own hedge fund in the '90s, then went on to become a co-founder of Web site, co-host of CNBC’s subdued “Kudlow & Cramer,” columnist for New York Magazine and now the kinetic host of “Mad Money,” CNBC’s most popular show.

What does Mr. Cramer say about “King of Wall Street”? No comment. So it may or may not be something that actually gets made. But he lays out a pretty compelling blueprint for just such a show in a piece he did for New York Magazine this month in its "Reasons to Love New York" issue. Mr. Cramer came up with No. 112, “Because a Dozen Krispy Kremes and a Few Good Stock Picks Can Make You $2 Million a Year,” and goes on to explain that Wall Street has a way of rewarding “unlikely people, awkward people.”

“Wall Street is still the only place on earth where if you do some work, make some calls, study the books, and arrive at some undervalued ideas, there are plenty of companies willing to pay you not just a salary and a little end-of-year bonus but a percentage of what you deliver to the bottom line. The payback is instant, and it doesn’t matter what you look like, where you come from, or what you have done. When it comes to meritocracy, when it comes to opportunity, and when it comes to the velocity with which you can strike it rich, nothing can touch the pure molten cauldron of the brokerage-investment-house complex,” he wrote.

Which is why Watercooler hopes and prays that he does find someone to let him go ahead and make the show. What could be more fun that to watch a bunch of unlikely, unpolished, geeky 20-somethings as they race to make the most money? It’s been standard fodder for gossip and entertainment in New York for centuries, this speculation over who will get to be the richest, which former schlump now can date supermodels and buy penthouses. We say lay it bare, let’s see the grasping, the cutthroat rivalry, the shorting of stocks up close. And unlike other reality shows, there’s no room for whimsical decisions over who stays and who goes. Presumably if you make the most money, you win.

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