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NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- MediaWorks' very own Media Guy was one of the first to tackle the weighty subject of Katie Couric's makeover from morning talk show host to evening anchor (including working more charcoal into her wardrobe, using less jewelry and banishing the flippy hairdos).
Katie, still younger, hipper, hotter -- at least until Sept. 5.
Katie, still younger, hipper, hotter -- at least until Sept. 5. Credit: AP

Today, USA Today deconstructs Katie's look and finds her transformation far from complete. Hair? Too brassy! Cut? Too long! Skin tone? Too tan! Eye makeup? Too dark! And for goodness' sake, drop the eyeliner!

With her Sept. 5 debut looming, Katie only has a few weeks to work out those pesky problems, USA Today's fashion experts opine.

Her time at NBC's "Today" "was all about making her look younger, hipper and hotter," Heather Cocks of celebrity-style-skewering blog Gofugyourself.com told the daily. "It took away from her credibility."

A couple of CBS appearances, such as when she wore her beige pantsuit at the TV critics tour last month, and the promos airing now that show her in a black suit jacket and pearls, are deemed steps in the right direction. But despite the article's hand-wringing over her flirty fashion past, fans won't want to watch a too-toned-down Katie.

"They will want her to retain a sense of personality and style, because that's what she's beloved for," Stacy London, co-host of TLC's "What Not to Wear" and a "Today" fashion correspondent, told USA Today.

Now that that's sorted out, can we all get Charlie Gibson to do something about his hair?
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