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Is Katie Staying Home or Cruising?

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NEW YORK ( -- Poor Katie Holmes. Her boyfriend's just been whacked by Paramount and she's still not married -- should she stand by him or run for the door? The tabloids all weigh in this week with their take on her next move.
The tabs wonder if Katie is staying or fleeing, and if Jessica is dating again.
The tabs wonder if Katie is staying or fleeing, and if Jessica is dating again.

Holmes makes it on the cover of Star for her apparent "secret escape" from Tom Cruise, which really wouldn't be much of a secret anymore, would it? The magazine reports that sources close to the star say she is planning on leaving her baby's daddy, and that there's even room in the couple's backyard to do it by helicopter should she so please. Life & Style puts the actress at a crossroads, and, after waking up to his antics, is unsure of whether to say "I do" or jet. Life & Style gives her two months to decide before leaving.

Though Cruise may appear to be hitting rock bottom after his public embarrassment at the hands of Viacom topper Sumner Redstone, Us Weekly and In Touch report that Holmes is staying by his side and plans to still wed. The latter reminds us that Cruise has been crazy for years, citing those braces back in '02 as the earliest example of his zaniness.

We've been remiss on our coverage of Jessica Simpson -- sorry! -- but this week's gossip that she is dating John Mayer has created too much of an online frenzy for us to pass on this possible "public affair." There are doubts to just how steamy the relationship is, and whether it's just a publicity stunt for her new album. While the other tabloids consider, Us Weekly and People have brought forth covers of the star, with sources dishing on her nascent romance. After weeks and weeks of her ex Nick Lachey's relationship with Vanessa Minnillo being front-page fodder, reports from the Simpson love front were due, even if it wasn't out of the mouths of the two stars themselves.

One thing for sure this week, the tabloids certainly are persistent. They just won't let go of certain pregnancy rumors, and offer even more for your consideration in their recent issues. Star and Life & Style reinstate Nicole Kidman and J. Lo on the bump watch, both of whom have had their tummies scrutinized all summer long, and In Touch brings us not one but two suspects in this week's issue, in which it tells us that Tori Spelling has a baby on the way and Angelina Jolie may be thinking about adding another one to the crew. With all the tabloid rumors of her and Brad Pitt's unhappiness of late, this stray story seems like a shot in the dark.
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