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NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- It's Oct. 12, and if you have been following the saga of LonelyGirl15, you already know why that's a big deal. If you haven't been keeping up, we'll explain.
What sacrifices will LonelyGirl15 make?
What sacrifices will LonelyGirl15 make?

Oct. 12 is the birthday of Aleister Crowley, who lived from 1875-1947 and is known for his occult practices. (He also is reported to have had great influence on L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, which counts several Hollywood celebrities among its followers.) Bree, aka LonelyGirl15, has a framed picture of him on her bedroom wall over what appears to be some sort of shrine. She has been preparing to take part in a religious ceremony that her parents are not allowed to attend, but that they consider to be a huge honor.

The ceremony and Bree's religion is the fuel powering the LonelyGirl storyline, and what the ceremony entails and what it means has been keeping LonelyGirl15 fans busy speculating for months. Even after Bree was unmasked as an actress and the LonelyGirl15 series revealed as the work of filmmakers in early September, a core group of fans have remained to see the end of the story.

Bree's preparation for the ceremony has included a special diet, weekly shots, pills and learning Enochian (an occult language from the 16th century eventually popularized by Crowley). Her estranged friend Daniel believes something bad is going to happen, and has been posting videos of himself trailing her and watching her prepare for the ceremony, leading fans to believe Bree will be harmed in some way.

An Aug. 31 LonelyGirl15 video had an oblique reference to 10/12/06, and many viewers at the time assumed it was the date for Bree's mysterious ceremony. And now it's here! And the ceremony is today! Eeek!

Daniel posted a video first, in which he lays out some of the information he discovered about Crowley and the ceremony. He tells viewers: "I just came across this article...1943...from a small town in Arizona. It's about a girl that had been abducted. And the weird thing is it mentions Aleister Crowley. He uh... He had this house in town, and it was right around that time when the disappearance happened. But nothing ever came of it, because...he went back to England before they could even investigate. Bree, I don't know, I just... Look, I know you don't trust me at all right now, but... I need more time! This ceremony, it's coming up too soon."

Then LonelyGirl15 posted a video yesterday on YouTube and on the dedicated site, Lonelygirl15.com, titled "The Ceremony Is Tomorrow :)" and she tells viewers she still doesn't know exactly what it will be, but that she expects to have to use some of her new language skills, and perform the steps that she's been taught. Her new friend and helper, Lucy (which fans have noted could be short for Lucifer, eek!), has told her that "Life can be amazing if you're willing to make sacrifices."

Sacrifices! Yikes!

She ends by telling viewers she'll probably be too weak to vlog about the initiation ritual tomorrow, so she'll see us in a couple of days.

Will Daniel rescue her? Will Bree really see us in a couple of days? Nearly 30,000 YouTubers have watched the latest video and have made it one of the most discussed of the day. So we're not the only ones wondering. Also note, tomorrow is Friday the 13th! Spooky.
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