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NEW YORK ( -- The half of the Super Bowl audience that only tunes in for the ads no longer needs to bother. Instead, seconds after the final buzzer they can log on to watch the ads online -- or on a cellphone or a video iPod -- as a record number of Web portals try to capitalize on TV’s most-watched event.
Super Bowl 06

Yahoo, Google, AOL, MSN, and are among the sites that will offer the ads on demand after the game. Those who want to watch them on the big screen can call them up via NFL Network On Demand (if you’re one of the 40 million homes that has the channel). And that doesn’t count the number of video-blogging sites such as, whose users are also likely to upload the ads. This year, with the introduction of Sony’s PSP and Apple’s video iPod, as well as the proliferation of video-enabled phones, those online ads will be going mobile.

All of which means the pressure is on to have some really brilliant creative. As Joel Lunenfeld, VP-media services at Moxie Interactive told Watercooler: “If it’s a good communication it’s going to be pulled. If not, all you can do is push it at [consumers] and that doesn’t work online. Creativity is really still key.”

For marketers who paid $2.5 million to buy a prime spot in the game and spent up to another $1 million on production, extending a buy online is a necessity to give it more legs. The Super Bowl also creates a spike in search terms and smart marketers will be buying their search terms ahead of time.

Afterall, if the ad does what it’s supposed to and creates a buzz, people will be searching for it the next day. “If it’s good, people will seek it out, expect to see it online and a brand better make it available. Why miss the opportunity for your brand to have traffic to its own site?” Lunenfeld says.

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