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Nicole Gets Hitched, Britney Gets Nude

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NEW YORK ( -- If you're eagerly awaiting the four-day weekend to finally spend some quality time with your favorite celebrity tabloids, here's fair warning. From weddings and romance to feuds and more bump reports it was a diverse but low-key week for the checkout queens.

Last week, speculation that Nicole Kidman was pregnant (reports quickly smacked down by the star) added another celeb to the bump watch, and Britney Spears graced most covers as the status of her marriage was questioned and her "Dateline" interview with Matt Lauer dissected. This week, Kidman became news again as photos of her wedding to fellow Aussie Keith Urban landed on the covers of most tabloids and was featured in People.

Post "Dateline," Britney Spears was not making many waves this week, with several of the weeklies surmising her new dark brown do is an attempt to resemble America's beloved mother, Angelina Jolie. But then we found out the real reason for the darker shade of hair -- she's following in the footsteps of Demi Moore and Cindy Crawford and posing nude in all her pregnant glory. Photos from the Harper's Bazaar shoot were leaked less than one week after they were taken and one month before the issue hits newsstands. The magazine is none too pleased.

Both Life & Style and In Touch Weekly banked on Jolie for its cover feature. The quest for baby photos has gotten a little out of hand, the former reports. After a photographer was arrested for trespassing outside son Maddox's day-care center and a memory card containing family photos was stolen (and later found after the issue's release), the mother is scared. What this means for the jet-setting couple's life in L.A.? Helpfully, the mag offers France, D.C. and the Dominican Republic as possible locations for a new love nest.

In Touch, on the other hand, is hell bent on renewing an apparent feud between Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, who, it claims, is shocked as the new mother "flaunts" her family. The tab also reports that Jen's moving on from her relationship with Brad Pitt, but "the past is hard to forget." It must be, especially when the report is accompanied by a photo montage of said past and Pitt's new life with Jolie.

Star, just in time for beach season, traveled the well-worn "too skinny" path, diagnosing several tiny celebs with "foodophobia." Beware of Kate Bosworth, Victoria Beckham and Nicole Richie -- you may catch it, too.

Also featured in Star was the confirmation that actress Reese Witherspoon is not pregnant, merely bloated. This comes a week after being hit with a lawsuit by the actress after the tab questioned if a third child was on the way. Now, the tabloid is reporting Witherspoon has a "pleasingly plump belly," and provided slightly unflattering photos to prove it. The Reese mystery has been "solved," or maybe it's Star's way of admitting it was wrong.
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