Never Can Say Goodbye

What Everyone Is Talking About: Paula Abdul

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Even though the pain and heartache
Seems to follow me wherever I go
Though I try to hide my feelings
They always seem to show
Then you try to say you're leaving me
And I always have to say no ...
Tell me why ... Is it so ... That I ...
Never can say goodbye ...

Until, that is, you don't get paid as much as Simon Cowell, or Ryan Seacrest, or even Randy Jackson. Then you can tweet about your sadness, your heartbreak at leaving the top-rated show, all because they didn't treat you right.

Paula Abdul
Paula Abdul Credit: AP
Paula Abdul, the third judge on Fox's "American Idol," wants some respect. Sure, she's had her loopy moments -- she may have critiqued a song that wasn't actually sung once, and she may have given some interviews on early-morning shows that were a bit incoherent. But she's also the only one to notice which contestant on the singing competition is a "beautiful, beautiful girl, who looks beautiful tonight," which is what you say after Randy tells them their performance was "a little pitchy." And hey, she's the one who tells Simon Cowell to shut up, and smacks him when he needs it. And did she or did she not put on a brave face when producers ushered in a bona fide stalker for her to reject? You think Kara DioGuardi's going to put up with that? She'll just throw on a bikini and show you who's a wannabe. Or Posh Spice? Sure, go ahead, see if Posh will put up with it.

Every time I think I had enough
I start heading for the door
There's a very strange vibration
That pierces me right to the core
It says turn around you fool
You know you love her more and more
Tell me why ... Is it so ... Don't wanna let you go

So she's not returning to "American Idol." She will not be at the auditions. She will not be shimmying in her seat, or standing up cheering for a contestant who just did a cover of, say, Michael Jackson's "Never Can Say Goodbye." But given the plethora of competition shows popping up like mushrooms, each of which would love to grab just a smidgen of "Idol's" success, there will very likely be some offers out there for a former cheerleader/choreographer. Already, Fox's other burgeoning hit, "So You Think You Can Dance," has made noises about luring Paula. And hey, "Idol's" been known to recycle before, bringing back past season's winners as special guest stars, not to mention special guest judges. It's hard to say goodbye, after all.

I keep thinking that our problems
Soon are all gonna work out
But there's that same unhappy feeling
and there's that anguish, there's that doubt
It's that same old dizzy hang up
Can't live with you or without
Tell me why ... Is it so ... Don't wanna let you go ...
Never can say goodbye

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