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NEW YORK ( -- Next week, Bravo kicks off its reality show set at New York's Daily News, following journalists around the city as they pound the pavement and file copy in time for deadline armed with nothing more than a pad and a pen. Meanwhile, over on 6th Avenue, MTV and Rolling Stone are busily filming a reality show of their own based on interns toiling away at the legendary music monthly. For working in a medium that's constantly being decried as on its death bed, print journalists sure are getting a lot of screen time.
A new reality show may make a print journalist's job look glamorous again.
A new reality show may make a print journalist's job look glamorous again.

Rolling Stone interns and the Daily News gumshoes are just the latest crop of print journos to show up as entertainment. Last year's MTV reality-drama "Laguna Beach" featured a girl, Lauren C., who then moved on to become the center of "The Hills," a reality show that follows her to New York as she becomes a Teen Vogue intern, a fact that both the show and the magazine milked as a way to throw a bit of glamour into the everyday. Hearst's Seventeen last year aired "Miss Seventeen" with editor Atoosa Rubeinstein. And American Media is holding casting calls this week for its own reality show, which promises to follow around its editors as they toil away at its publications.

And we haven't even gotten around to the big screen. "The Devil Wears Prada" is getting its share of buzz so far this summer, thank in no small part to the fun clothes in the fictional "Runway" closet and Meryl Streep's portrayal of an imperious fashion editor.

With so much bleak news about layoffs, downsizing and budget crunches besieging real-life editorial types, it's nice that they can tune in somewhere for the glammier version of their jobs.
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