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NEW YORK ( -- Baby news might sell celeb magazines these days, but it could also lead to some sleepless nights for publishers. After suggesting Reese Witherspoon was pregnant with her third child last week in a cover story, Star now faces a lawsuit from the actress, which claims the article was a violation of her privacy and portrays her in a false light.
Reese Witherspoon has sued 'Star' over this cover, claiming that the actress is pregnant. So far, no word from Julia Roberts.
Reese Witherspoon has sued 'Star' over this cover, claiming that the actress is pregnant. So far, no word from Julia Roberts.

Readers of the June 26 issue were promised "all the happy details" of baby No. 3 for Witherspoon (as well as Julia Roberts, though she declined to sue). Clues that the star might be pregnant: a trip to a baby boutique, her frequent sporting of loose-fitting clothing and empire-waist dresses, and a sighting of her in a bathing suit, looking four months pregnant.

Star defends itself, saying it has the right to ask if Witherspoon is pregnant. What really did the damage, though, was a quote in the piece from a "source" claiming the happy baby news was being concealed from producers of upcoming films the actress will be in. "Besides, she has two movies coming up, and she just doesn't want to break the news to producers just yet," the source said.

The lawsuit, filed June 21, says the magazine commercially exploited the Oscar-winner's name and well-known persona to "boost the tabloid's sagging sales," as well as sullied her good name with false claims. Witherspoon, seeking unspecified damages, is suing American Media and Star Editorial, as well as the writers of the piece, Maggie "Harbour" and Suzy "McCoppin" (the lawsuit suggests that these are fictitious names and that the true identities are unknown).

Though American Media's general counsel, Mike Kahane, in a statement released by the publisher called the lawsuit "frivolous" and having "no legal merit," it might not have come as a big surprise. According to lawsuit, the tabloid had been warned by the actress' lawyers prior to publication that the story was untrue and would damage her reputation. Now, a week later, here we are.

To note, Star wasn't the only tabloid to venture Witherspoon was pregnant. This week's OK jumps in with a photo that it says casts doubt her denials. The photo appears with another rumored pregnant couple (Tobey Maguire and fiancée Jennifer Meyer) and one confirmed (Maggie Gyllenhaal and fiancé Peter Sarsgaard).

Despite getting slapped with the lawsuit, Star was not afraid to lead with more baby news this week. Gracing the cover was potential mother-to-be Nicole Kidman, looking pregnant with a tell-all circle around her exposed "bump." (Incidentally, one of the writers on the piece was Maggie "Harbour.") Life & Style and In Touch also speculated on a Kidman baby, though both add that her rep denies the rumor.

Also making an appearance in the tabloids this week was the Diet Pepsi can. The soda icon has been pretty busy, appearing in an In Touch "exclusive" in which the can "spills all" and denies that its career was ever "on the rocks" (cute), as well as in pages of OK, making a "refreshing appearance" at a baseball game. While the former was labeled as an advertisement, the latter appeared in the editorial pages among the other celeb photos. Just saying.
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