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NEW YORK ( -- It looks like the weight watch may be the new bump watch. This week the tabloids trade pregnancy speculations for news on too-thin celebs and body confessions from the stars themselves. As the cover girls for too-thin actresses, leading ladies Kate Bosworth and Kiera Knightly are making more news over their skinny frames than their current blockbusters.
The price of thin: Too high?
The price of thin: Too high?

Two weeks ago, Star reported on the foodophobia that's sweeping Hollywood, its victims including Bosworth, as well as Victoria Beckham and Nicole Richie. Us Weekly now brings us more suffering from extreme diets. In addition to Bosworth and Knightly, a handful of others raise eyebrows for their new shapes. Asks Us Weekly: Are these young stars driven to be thin by the pressures of Hollywood? (Watercooler wonders how anyone can be professing shock that professional pretty ladies feel pressured to remain thin. But, hey, it's a big country full of big people who like to be reminded how very hard and taxing it is to be skinny all the time.)

In Touch weighs in on the hot topic as well. The weekly leads with "Body Confessions," a tell-all on rumors surrounding Knightly, as well as Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Simpson and Kate Hudson. In the issue, Knightly denies anorexia rumors and Hudson dishes on her battle to lose her post-baby weight, while super-skinny celebs are treated like spectacles. "Yikes!" In Touch writes of Richie, Bosworth and Beckham while comparing their body types to those of children.

This week Star also puts Knightly on a weight watch, and the tabloid feasts on the pounds gained in prison by Lil' Kim, who's not so lil' anymore. While the other mags primarily gawk at the shrinking stars, Star's biggest news is of a new liposuction method that literally melts fat and tightens skin in minutes. On the bikini-clad cover are Carmen Electra, Beyoncé and Lindsay Lohan. Are they using this new miracle fat zapper? It looks that way at a cursory glance, but it turns out they're only pictured because those who have admitted to lipo (Howard Stern and Kathy Griffin) and those suspected of it (Star Jones and Anna Nicole Smith) aren't compelling cover material. The mag predicts these stars will use this super lipo once it has, you know, actually achieved FDA approval. But of course.

Speaking of Star Jones, Star is showing unabashed joy over the news that In Touch wrongly reported last week that Fox News and CNN approached the ex-View-er with job offers. On its website, Star tells In Touch to "get your facts straight." This from a publication sued over a false pregnancy claim only last month.

People, meanwhile, avoids the whole debate, choosing instead to focus its cover on a deep-dive look at Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn's relationship, which is nearing its one-year anniversary.
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