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Hello Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt!

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NEW YORK ( -- Watercooler could scarcely wait to tear into our tabs this week to find out which magazine would be honored with the first photos of Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt -- the paparazzi's Holy Grail. Imagine our disappointment when we could find no images of the Brangelina babe. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but our impatience for the money shot of the most genetically blessed child in the world was only partially assuaged by the pages and pages devoted to details of the baby's birth.
The new mother.
The new mother.

People and Us Weekly, the two magazines most likely to have secured the baby photos, had only old images of Brad and Angelina. Both tabs discussed the derivation of the name Shiloh. According to Us Weekly, Shiloh "means peaceful (and used to refer to the Messiah)." The mag also reminded us that Shiloh was the site of a bloody Civil War battle in Tennessee. People added that Shiloh is the biblical place where Joshua brought the Ark of the Covenant and that the name is the title of a Neil Diamond song ("When no one else would come, Shilo, you always came ..."). The baby's middle name, Nouvel, could be a tribute to French architect Jean Nouvel or a variation on the French word nouvelle, which means new.

In Touch Weekly and Life & Style used the birth announcement as an opportunity to boast about what baby news they were first to reveal. In Touch claimed its Oct. 10, 2005, issue was the first to reveal that Angelina was pregnant with Brad's baby (People's infamous bump photos were revealed Jan. 12). In Touch also claimed its March 13 announcement that Angie would give birth in Africa was an exclusive revelation and that the May 26 news of her May 27 C-section was a "worldwide scoop." Life & Style first reported that Angelina was pregnant in January, and in February the magazine predicted the Jolie-Pitts would have a girl. "We told you first!" it crowed this week next to a pink arrow pointing to an old Life & Style cover with the headline "Angie tells Jen: I'm Pregnant!"

Perhaps the juiciest tidbit of the week was Star's coverage of Angelina's "secret childbirth confession to Brad!" Apparently, during labor Mama Angelina told Brad what we imagine many women in labor have told their spouses: that she plans to adopt any future children. A friend told the mag: "Angelina was like, 'OK, that's done and I'm not getting pregnant again -- ever!'"

In case you need the facts at your fingertips, Watercooler presents the Shiloh-down:

Seven-pound Shiloh Neuvel Jolie-Pitt was born via C-section May 27 at the Cottage Medi-Clinic in Swakopmund, Namibia, a 70-bed private hospital with a modern maternity ward. The couple's L.A. obstetrician flew to Africa for the surgery, which was scheduled as a result of the baby's feet-first position in the womb. Brad was present during surgery and cut his daughter's umbilical cord. Angelina's brother, James Haven, and Brad's brother, Doug Pitt, were both in Namibia to greet the baby. To celebrate their daughter's birth, the philanthropic Jolie-Pitts donated $300,000 toward infant care in Namibia and $15,000 to support a community center and school in Swakopmund.

Now, where are those pictures?
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