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NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Broadcast-TV development meetings are just a few weeks away, which means executives and producers are frantically racking their brains for the next big prime-time hit. Over at ABC, the thinking appears to be it's safest to bet on what you know. Talk that "Grey's Anatomy" creator Shonda Rhimes is writing a two-hour episode that would set up Dr. Addison Montgomery Shepard, played by Kate Walsh, to spin out on her own, got the Watercooler staff thinking about spinoffs we'd like to see.
Kate Walsh: Ready for her spinoff?
Kate Walsh: Ready for her spinoff? Credit: ABC

Certain characters stuck in supporting roles seem to just cry out for more room to breathe. A quick walk around the office turned up fans of several secondary players who seem ripe to break out, such as the weaselly and deluded Dwight Schrute, played by Rainn Wilson on NBC's "The Office"; the affable and likable Hurley from "Lost," played by Jorge Garcia; gay Kevin Walker, played by Matthew Rhys on "Brothers & Sisters"; and Justin, the nephew from "Ugly Betty," played by 12-year-old Mark Indelicato.

Neil Flynn, who plays the menacing janitor on "Scrubs," was also a favorite, and after some digging, we figured out why. It seems Flynn not only captures an audience's attention, but he was quick to make an impression with the producers, turning a one-off gag for the pilot into a six-year gig. Executive producer Bill Lawrence is quoted on the "Scrubs" website as saying, "When we watched the pilot, we knew instantly we had to keep this guy around." (Of course, if the janitor were given his own series, they'd probably have to get around to giving him a name.)

We can also envision the younger of the "Gilmore Girls," Rory, moving out of Stars Hollow to pursue her dream of big-city journalism in the Big Apple. Two Watercooler staffers, in fact, have mapped out an entire pilot that involves Rory dumping never-too-dependable boyfriend Logan; moving to New York City; and landing a big-time reporting job where she befriends a handsome web editor, who may or may not become a love interest, and a feisty copy editor, played by, say, Jennifer Hudson. We want credit, CW, when you roll this one out.
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