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Suri's Been Seen, but Britney Is Still Pregnant

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NEW YORK ( -- It's not always that a monthly culture and fashion magazine will make it onto the Tabloid Report, but this week Vanity Fair earns its stripes with its exclusive photos of -- drum roll, please -- Suri Cruise. The big boy of celebrity journalism left the weeklies in the dust with its October cover of the photogenic family. (Watercooler is still trying to figure out when Us Weekly pulled down its Suri Watch, its online feature counting down the days till a picture of the TomKitten was revealed.)
The weeklies still trumpeted their gossip, but 'Vanity Fair' stole the show.
The weeklies still trumpeted their gossip, but 'Vanity Fair' stole the show.

Yes, the elusive infant of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has been revealed and, for some skeptics, her existence proved. "CBS Evening News" and new anchor Katie Couric on Sept. 5 prepared the world for the exclusive, and the next day the issue hit the stand with its 22-page (in your face, Shiloh!) family portfolio by Annie Leibovitz.

In the issue, Holmes voices confusion over all the Suri fuss. "I was overjoyed in being pregnant, and then had to withstand ridicule about my pregnancy when it was the most normal, noncontroversial thing imaginable," she says. They planned on releasing photos when ready, she further says, but then "all the craziness began. This 'Where is Suri?' controversy. Tom and I looked at each other and said, 'What's going on?' We weren't trying to hide anything."

Unfortunately for Holmes, the debut of Suri has failed to put the controversy to rest. In addition to getting some press in The New York Times, the unveiling has left the weeklies still wondering why there was a wait in the first place. According to the Vanity Fair interview, the family wanted the time for bonding.

That answer isn't satisfying enough for some, though, and both In Touch and Life & Style put in their two cents. The former posits that Holmes wanted to lose the baby weight before a photo session, but puts the main reason for the delay as privacy, while the latter brings Scientology into the mix, claiming that Cruise wanted to protect the baby from "bad engrams," or negativity, which infants can detect. Life & Style further wonders if Suri was born earlier than April and if the spread will help Cruise's battered image.

While most eyes were on Suri this week, another baby is getting ready for its debut. All the tabloid's can actually agree that, based on recent shopping habits, Britney Spears, who hasn't said anything on the matter, is going to have a baby girl. Us Weekly and Life & Style bring us the news that she'll deliver via C-section, while Star further dishes on the baby name. According to the mag's source, it will be Jailynn, a combination of Jamie, Brit's dad's name, and Lynn, her mother's name, as well as sister Jamie Lynn's name. Gear up for that unveiling sometime in September.

Time will soon tell if the weeklies struck the right chord on the Spears's baby front, but this week's Us Weekly reminds us that, yes, sometimes, they don't. After proclaiming Jessica Simpson and John Mayer's love last week, this week's issue brings us news that the songstress has been dumped, while Star dishes on her "fake new romance." The singer set the record straight herself on "The View" this week, claiming the two were never in a relationship, let alone "in love," as People's cover had everyone believing. Glad that's cleared up.
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