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NEW YORK ( -- It's the end of the summer, and the tabloids are languishing in the slow August news cycle. No one story dominates this week, as each fishes around for something or someone to worry about. We get a smattering of Nicole Richie is still too thin, Katie Holmes is a still bit unhappy (but getting happier), Kate Hudson is still torn between two lovers and -- the breaking news! -- Pam Anderson looks a little bloaty.

Every so often, the tabloids have to worry about a starlet, whether for partying too hard, family drama, or, as if most often the case, weight issues. This week, Nicole Richie is subject of concern for In Touch after last week's photo of her beach jog circulated amongst the tabloids.

The magazine figures that the "Simple Life" star's weight obsession could "kill her" and wonders if she is truly earnest about gaining some much-needed pounds seeing as she's thinner than ever. They scrutinize her eating habits and reckon pressure as the main reason for her skinnier frame.

The reopening of JonBenet Ramsey file also provides some cover feed for the weekly as it puts in its two cents with an interview with a childhood friend and former pageant queen. People leads with a story on the murder case, and questions after the deluge whether evidence against confessed killer John Mark Karr adds up.

The spilt between Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson continues to provide some meat for the tabloids, and the news plays out like three different romantic comedies. Us Weekly reports in its cover story that Kate is dramatically torn between two loves; Star tells us her husband drove her into Owen's arms, while the couple is back together after their brief strife, according to Life & Style. Stories this conflicting can only mean that the tabloid gossip will continue into September.

While Tom Cruise may be the newsmaker this week after being dropped from Paramount, Life & Style tells of his girlfriend and mother of his child Katie's escape from her virtual prison. Katie is all smiles after months of questionable happiness, the magazine reports, though the new mom's emotional plight is open to as much speculation as reasons why baby Suri has yet to be seen. The tabloid also used Jennifer Aniston's father's heart attack to show that she and Vince Vaughn are now closer than ever.

And would you believe it? Us Weekly special: Pamela Anderson looks like she's developing a bump. We know how this is going to end. Time-waster of the Day! Check out Us Weekly's "Evolution of Tom Cruise."
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