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NEW YORK ( -- The tabloids are a pu pu platter of celebrity gossip this week, giving a little taste of everything, from Jennifer Aniston (relationship turmoil) to Katie Holmes (wedding details) to Farrah Fawcet (battling cancer) to Nicole Richie (enough said). Hungry? Read on for your weekly celebrity news snacks.
'People' reveals how Farrah Fawcet is coping with cancer.
'People' reveals how Farrah Fawcet is coping with cancer.

Aniston makes her weekly appearance in the tabloids as her smiling mug lands on the cover of Star. The magazine reveals Aniston is convinced Vince Vaughn cheated on her and ended their relationship because of a "secret" girlfriend in England. But the magazine quotes sources that deny another woman is the cause, citing instead Aniston's trust issues as the real reason for their breakup. If that's the case, what about that woman Vaughn is kissing in those In Touch pictures? In Touch, maybe the only tabloid that is sure Jen and Vince are still an item, worries how this new development will affect their relationship.

Oprah seems to be everywhere lately, and this week look who she's giving relationship advice to: According to Life & Style, she and Aniston had a "secret" phone call during which Jen revealed she would always love ex-husband Brad Pitt. (Poor Brad hasn't had a positive tabloid story in weeks, as his relationship with Angelina Jolie goes from bliss to stormy. Trouble has only followed him and Jolie to India, according to Us Weekly, where the two are currently filming.)

Katie Holmes has been free of relationship turmoil these past few weeks, so everybody instead is focused on which designer she'll be wearing down the aisle. Us Weekly says the dress has been found but the star's not spilling just yet on the designer. Star and Life & Style further dish on all things marital, with the latter promising all the details on the $6 million wedding.

People seems to have the exclusive on Farrah Fawcett's battle with cancer. The former "Charlie's Angel" star is leaning on ex-husband Ryan O'Neal during this time. Her former co-stars, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith, each of whom had cancer, are also helping out.

With our appetites almost full on updates, we still have to make room for this week's celebrity weight issues and did-she-or-didn't-she plastic surgery rumors. The only thing that could turn attention away from Nicole Richie's disappearing frame is her peace with Paris Hilton; Star and Life & Style report on the impact of her near weightlessness (failed relationship and thinning hair, apparently), while In Touch features a bit on the reunion of "The Simple Life" stars and the end of their feud.

On the plastic surgery front, Ashlee Simpson is in the spotlight again, with In Touch adding her eyes and chin to the list of body parts she has had done. Friends say her addiction is "out of control" (as addictions tend to be) and scrutinize what looks touched up. While Simpson is mum on whether she's even had plastic surgery, Tara Reid speaks openly with Us Weekly about her experience and subsequent nightmare with breast implants, which resulted in reconstructive surgery in September. A tabloid story about the party girl that doesn't involve partying? We never thought we'd see the day.
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