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NEW YORK ( -- Let’s just get it out of the way... Britney-pregnancy watch 2006 continues. Life & Style stands by its claim last week that Mrs. Federline has a bun in the oven. In a story about K-Fed’s threat to take custody of baby Preston in the event of a divorce, the tab quotes a friend of the pop-star saying “She’s pregnant and trying to be a good mom.” In Touch claims the pop-princess is quarreling with her mother after revealing that there would soon be a second grandchild. Meanwhile, Us Weekly remains unsure about Brit’s pregnancy status noting “amid pregnancy rumors, she sipped red wine.” Well that settles it then. Heaven knows, Britney would never endanger her child in any way whatsoever.

Good causes
In refreshing bit of non-baby related news, Life & Style highlighted Jessica Simpson’s journey to our nation’s capitol this week in support of Operation Smile, a non-profit group that provides free facial reconstructive surgery to children in need. The magazine also profiled other A-list celebrities who have stormed D.C. to campaign for worthy causes including: Salma Hayek supporting the Violence Against Women Act; Julianne Moore, raising awareness about Tuberous Sclerosis Complex; Julia Roberts, lobbying for more money for medical research; and the ubiquitous Angelina Jolie calling the lack of funding to fight AIDS “a disgrace.”

Deep in the heart of Texas
However, there is no need to worry that the tabloids have gotten serious and focused on “issues” or anything. What seems to be on the minds of many tabs this week is the burning question of who will star in the planned movie based on the long-running TV show, “Dallas.” Luke Wilson seems the consensus choice to play Bobby Ewing, a role originally played by Patrick Duffy. The mags are unanimous that J. Lo would make a great Sue Ellen Ewing, but Star suggests Demi Moore or Catherine Zeta-Jones for the role originated by Linda Gray. There is also agreement that Shirley MacClaine should be selected to play the compassionate matriarch, Ellie Ewing. While Star envisions Bruce Willis as a possible J.R., John Travolta has reportedly been offered the role. Us Weekly thinks the role of sexy trouble maker Lucy Ewing Cooper would be best played by Jessica Simpson or Kristen Cavallari. In Touch suggests Scarlett Johansson would make the best Dallas temptress but both Life & Style and Star predict the troubled teen Lindsay Lohan is a contender for the part.

Back to normal
This week Us Weekly takes time out from obsessing about the weight of female stars to point a sneering eye at men who have packed on some pounds at the same time as their pregnant wives or girlfriends. Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Gwen Stefani’s hubby Gavin Rossdale appear photographed with red circles around their bellies to highlight their “sympathy baby bumps.”

Also this week, Life & Style asks “How’d she get that butt?” The secrets behind the behinds of Giselle Bundchen, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce were revealed. Eva Mendes, Evangelina Lily, Cameron Diaz and Halle Berry were also praised for their remarkable rears and discussed their booty-toning regimes. In the same piece, poor Jessica Alba was accused of “too little tush.”

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