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NEW YORK ( -- If you're looking for all the dirt on celebrity romances this week, you're out of luck. The tabloids are all about star surgery, the more secretive the better.
'Star' takes Jen from GAWKY to GORGEOUS.
'Star' takes Jen from GAWKY to GORGEOUS.

Britney Spears has been M.I.A. these past few weeks since giving birth to a baby boy, but she's now been spotted in her natural habitat. While shopping in Malibu, the mother of two was looking significantly svelter than when she was last seen (having that baby certainly helped). Without fail, the tabloids weigh in on Spears' post-pregnancy body "miracle."

Skilled in their guesswork, Us Weekly surmises the star lost 26 pounds in one month, while Star puts the figure closer to 40. Setting discrepancies aside, how did she do it? Though speculations of liposuction or diet pills came quickly to mind, the big secret to shedding the pounds was old-fashioned hard work and eating right. Even People's cover blares "Britney's New Body."

The tabloids are happy for the star, with In Touch further gushing over Spears' healthy new look, as well as Oprah's recent weight loss. The magazine reports the latter has lost an estimated 30 pounds since, well, the last time she was significantly featured in the tabloids.

Jennifer Aniston's relationship with Vince Vaughn leads People this week, as the two are "Defending Their Love" against rumors of breakups and Vince's cheating. Vaughn has now threatened to sue publications that said he was kissing a mystery woman in London. As the cover line sums up: "What Breakup?"

An undated photo of Aniston lands her on the cover of Star in a shroud of secret surgery rumors. The magazine has some fun with alliteration looking at Aniston and nine other stars who have gone from gawky to gorgeous. It wonders if plastic surgery played a helping hand in narrower noses, plumper puckers and booming busts for celebs such as Kate Moss, Jessica Simpson and Janet Jackson, complete with estimated costs for the supposed work.

Simpson's surgery speculation also serves as a vehicle for discussing her love life. Life & Style reports that the star wants more plastic surgery because it will give her the confidence to find love again. Meanwhile, In Touch tells us Simpson is newly confident and ready for love. Somebody's sending out mixed signals.

Too-thin poster child regulars Nicole Richie and Kate Bosworth gave way this week to dark horse Angelina Jolie. She's usually featured in the tabloids for relationship woes or additions to her and Brad Pitt's family (indeed, In Touch fills this week's quota by reporting the pair are adopting), but Life & Style puts Jolie under the skinny spotlight. The magazine wonders if the thinner-than-ever star is too thin after fainting three times since she's been in India, while we wonder who next week's damsel in distress will be.
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