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NEW YORK ( -- Every once in a while the celebrity weeklies, which usually treat us to incremental gossip and many similar snapshots of the same couples over and over, break big news like a thunderclap. Life & Style Weekly did that deed this week with a cover story no one else could match: SPLIT!
Or are they? Only their publicist knows for sure.

If it needs to be said, the splitters in question are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes; if there is any question, the sources are “multiple insiders.” Life & Style Weekly, the rapidly growing title from Bauer Publishing USA, not only reveals the scoop but promises to identify what drove them apart and the moment they called it quits. No less, it asks, “And what about THE BABY?”

Then again, multiple insiders insist that Life & Style does not employ quite as many fact-checkers as The New Yorker. TomKat’s TomFlack also quickly denied the report.

The competition, either scooped cold or confident of their own nearly true tales, took to contradicting and even vaguely trash-talking each other this week. Wenner Media’s Us Weekly reports that Jessica Simpson spent the night with Maroon 5 singer Adam Levin on Feb. 7; Star counters that “published report” by printing “the actual details -- and pictures! -- of Jessica’s whereabouts on Feb. 7.” She was in New York, according to Star.

In Touch Weekly, another Bauer book, seems to side with Us Weekly, even if it only places Ms. Simpson with Mr. Levine on Feb. 6. But Star insists in this week’s issue that Ms. Simpson and Jude Law are “HOT & HEAVY!”

Really, though, we have to hope that Life & Style has the TomKat story right. The whole category has ridden TomKat, the Newlyweds, Brangelina and Britney’s baby about as far as we can take. New celebrity victims, please!

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