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NEW YORK ( -- Rocking the tabloid world is Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock's split after four months of marriage. What went wrong? "Irreconcilable differences," according to court documents, though wild speculations as to the cause of the split range from Anderson's hard partying to Kid Rock's dislike over her appearance in the movie "Borat." Otherwise, the usual players are being battered this week, with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton's buddy act spawning the moniker "Paritney Spilton." (Yup, that would be a Bonnie Fuller special.)
'Paritney Spilton': Trouble with a capital T.
'Paritney Spilton': Trouble with a capital T.

First came the birth of her second son, then her split from husband Kevin Federline. Now, Britney Spears lands on tabloid covers for partying around town with new BFF Paris Hilton, continuing to supply the weeklies with headlines and gossip in the recent months.

Spears' fraternizing with Hilton spells trouble with a capital "T" for Us Weekly, which plays worried mother to Spears' straying teen in this week's issue. Since Hilton and Spears became instant friends -- hanging out, shopping, sharing clothes and planning sleepovers -- the magazine fears the heiress is a bad influence on the onetime pop princess. For the time being, the mag is keeping tabs on Spears -- where she goes, whom she hangs with, what she's wearing (or not wearing) -- and hopes this is just a phase. Life & Style also chimes in, wondering if the two are spending too much time together and how their partying would affect Spears' custody of her children.

Star this week is rather excited over the new "party machine." The magazine reports that Spears is enjoying life again through her newfound friend and dubs the pair "Paritney Spilton" (we really hope that one doesn't catch on). The magazine does take a turn in the moral high seat, pointing fingers at skinny star Kate Bosworth after the death of three models due to anorexia and asking if she and others in Hollywood known for their size 0's are paying attention.

This week isn't without its recycled baby rumors, with Life & Style reporting that Nicole Kidman's "baby dreams" are about to come true (she looks pregnant), while In Touch is the bearer of baby news for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (they might be adopting).

Questions and rumors continue to surround Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's relationship, even after their recent nuptials quieted most talk. The tabs this week are left to wonder if the bride's eye-level wedding photos with Cruise mean she's shrinking or Cruise is getting taller. Looks like they're now scrapping the bottom of the barrel for some eye-catching controversy.
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