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NEW YORK ( -- We ask for a moment of silence as the tabloids, in mourning this week, pay their respects after another power-blond couple call it quits. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe announced their separation and pending divorce after seven years of marriage earlier this week, and Watercooler suspects the gossip trade is secretly glad there's someone other than Jen & Vince and Brad & Angelina and Tom & Katie to follow.
It's over for another Hollywood golden couple, and the tabs mourn.
It's over for another Hollywood golden couple, and the tabs mourn.

The couple made the covers of many of the tabloids this week, and People, Life & Style and Us Weekly lead with news of the split. In the marriage obituaries, the handsome pair was unanimously hailed as a golden couple who lived a fairy-tale relationship, though mentions of fights and mistrust during their "rocky" seven years make the marriage seem neither golden nor idyllic. While Life & Style attributes the break up to Phillippe's flirting, Us Weekly lays a heavier claim, that his cheating with a co-star led to Witherspoon's wanting out.

Though earlier signs such as therapy and separate quarters did point toward trouble for the couple, the tabloids are still reeling from the shock of the sudden loss and attempt to understand why this happened. Everything from the couple's unequal paychecks to revealing body language has been dissected through timelines tracking their marriage as the magazines try look beyond the happy facade.

Almost as shocking as the end of Witherspoon and Phillippe's marriage is the sighting of a new Hollywood friendship blossoming between Brooke Shields and Katie Holmes (you knew TomKat wouldn't be forgotten!). The tabloids find themselves shouting BFF at the new moms after the two were chummy at a recent charity event, and People reports that the friendship goes back even as far as September, when the two bonded over the season premiere of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy." Of course, the new friendship is also quite the surprise, considering Shield's very public battle with Holmes's fiance Tom Cruise, though it appears the past is behind them.

A few weeks ago, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton also surprised the world by ending their personal feud and reclaiming their BFF status, but Richie's continued presence on the tabloid covers is due to the saga that is her weight.

Earlier this week, the notoriously skinny celeb was spotted at an exclusive treatment center outside of Los Angeles. Though Richie denies she is in rehab for an eating disorder and was there seeking advice on how to put on weight, the tabloids aren't convinced, and after her apparent check in wonder why she was seen out and about partying only days later(!). The incident has given Richie the dubious distinction of Star's "train wreck of the week," and In Touch has declared her "out of control" for her inability to stop partying. Us Weekly is more sensitive toward the matter, detailing in length the attempt to "save Nicole's life" and put on some much-needed poundage. Who's in her support group? BFF Paris, of course.
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