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NEW YORK ( -- Watercooler would like to put the Denise/Heather feud aside for the moment. Forget about two thin Hollywood blondes fighting over an aging rocker. The real catfight is likely to unfold on daytime talk TV now that Rosie O'Donnell has been asked to replace Meredith Viera as one of the co-hosts of ABC's "The View."
There's a bigger catfight brewing than the one between Denise and Heather.
There's a bigger catfight brewing than the one between Denise and Heather. Credit: Hoag Levins

Rosie will join the show in September, when Viera moves to replace Katie Couric on "The Today Show." Rosie will make a reported $2 million. "It was either this or 'Celebrity Fit Club,'" joked Rosie in Life & Style.

So while Rosie is pleased, the tabloids are quick to tell us how the addition of Rosie will stress the already strained dynamic of "The View's" five co-hosts. In Touch reports that "rumors are already flying about the tension between Rosie and Star Jones Reynolds." Rosie has been openly critical of Star Jones for the secrecy surrounding her rumored gastric bypass surgery. Star, the tabloid, quotes a Rosie-penned insult-poem from March of this year: "So Star shrinks before our eyes/we know the truth/but nod as she talks about/Pilates and willpower."

Life & Style asks, "Is Rosie's job offer a not-so-subtle invitation for Star to leave?" Since "The View" premiered in 1997, Star has had a bickering relationship with co-host Joy Behar, whom she famously recently called a bitch on-air. Star, the tabloid, quotes a source close to the show who says, "Joy's getting a co-conspirator to make Star leave is a dream come true." However, Ms. Behar should be careful as the audience might rally around Star. In an Us Weekly poll 58% of the people surveyed said they were on Star's side of the Joy/Star dispute.

Rosie has not apologized for her slew of negative comments about her soon-to-be co-host. Instead, she seems eager to step into the ring with Star. "Star will go toe-to-toe with me, and that's what makes the show exciting and fun," she said.

Star, on the other hand seems to be taking the high road. In Touch says that Star's rep denies that she has any problems with Rosie. The tabloid Star quotes Star's rep, saying, "A feud suggests an argument between two people, and Star has never said anything negative about Rosie."

Tabloid Star asks in its headline "Is the view big enough for these two?" We at Watercooler don't know but are eager to watch the sparks fly.
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