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NEW YORK ( -- Ah, love in Hollywood, never truly real unless someone else is looking on with green eyes. In MediaWorks’ weekly Cliff Notes version of what’s on the newsstands this weekend, we find that Jen is jealous that Angelina is pregnant, Katie is jealous that Nicole is so gorgeous, and Nick is trying to make Jessica jealous to win her back. And of course, lots of gorgeous gowns to ogle from the Golden Globes, intended to leave readers jealous they don’t get to wear great clothes and go to cool parties.

People, continuing to ride its scoop on the “Angelina Jolie is pregnant and we have the photos!” story from last week, splashes its cover with a full up-close shot of the bump, with protective dad Brad Pitt with his arm around Angie. That means Golden Globe gowns were sidelined to a narrow pic in the upper right. Us Weekly uses the same Pitt and Jolie bump shot, but as a small inset over a shocked Jennifer Aniston, to support its “HOW JEN FOUND OUT, Brad’s Final Insult” headline. American Media's Celebrity Living also opted for a Jen cover, telling us “Jen’s plan to CRASH BRAD’S WEDDING!” This is where we also learn about why, insiders say, “KATIE’S JEALOUS OVER NICOLE,” which, for you uninitiated, translates into Katie Holmes, seven months pregnant with Tom Cruise’s baby, feels upset that his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, is still so skinny and gorgeous. Bauer's In Touch, meanwhile, checks in on the former "Newlyweds" Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, now split up, to let us know how “NICK’S MAKING JESSICA JEALOUS,” which leads them to ask: “Now Will She Stop the Divorce?”

American Media’s Star, however, is less concerned with jealousy this week (although it does take the time to tell us “Humiliated Jen Proposes to Vince”) and focuses on breaking news: “Pregnant Angelina COLLAPSES!” For the Star, the Golden Globes coverage is billed in the lower right hand corner triangle as “THE BEST & WORST DRESSED.” This neatly allows jealous readers to enjoy a frisson of schadenfreude over frumpily dressed celebs. And so wraps up another chapter on Hollywood’s alternate reality. Tune in next week.

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