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NEW YORK ( -- People is the big winner this week, scoring pictures of 7-month-old Shiloh Nouvel while she vacationed in Cambodia with her parents, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and siblings, Maddox and Zahara. Strategic leaking of the photos by People landed them on the covers of both New York City tabloids on Thursday. Jolie also gave People an interview in which she revealed that she wants more kids and the three she's got are really good and really happy.

But Shiloh and family weren't the only ones to make a stir with new photos. Nicole Ritchie supplied a mug shot after landing in the hot seat for DUI charges. The mug shot found its way to the cover of In Touch and also got a space on Us Weekly's. But more shocking than Ritchie's arrest, it seems, is her weight. For months the tabloids have pondered and estimated what the number could be, looking to physicians for guidance. Now her police record reveals the figure for certain: a diminutive 85 pounds.

An interview with Vogue has all the tabloids talking about Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston this week as well. Us Weekly and In Touch take a peek at the interview, in which Jolie says she wants to make peace with the ex-wife of her current partner. Us details the Jolie-Pitt-Aniston triangle and other questions prompted by the interview in Vogue's January issue.

Aniston herself lands in the tabloids this week following her public breakup with Vince Vaughn. Since the announcement from their reps last week, Star has revealed the "truth" behind the split. According to a source, Vaughn has actually wanted to break it off since the summer because of Aniston's constant need for attention.

Some weeks it seems stars could benefit from their own special tabloids. Britney Spears is prominent this week, with coverage of a new man and reports of a new book from ex Kevin Federline. According to Star, Federline is at work on a tell-all in which he charges Spears is bisexual, drank while pregnant, has used drugs and is an unfit mother. The dancer-turned-rapper -- now turned writer -- hopes to get $500,000 for the book, or money from Spears to keep him from publishing. Spears, meanwhile, is busy with a new man. Us Weekly and In Touch cover her dating ventures, and the latter wonders if she is making another mistake. Life & Style is not without its Britney report, with updates on Spears' life post-divorce, including her friendship with Paris Hilton the mystery man with whom she's been photographed.
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