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NEW YORK ( -- Where to begin? Big stories come in from all over the globe this week, with a wedding this weekend in Italy (TomKat's), a baby announcement in India (Brangelina), and divorce woes closer to home for two blonde starlets (Britney, Reese). And don't forget the Sexiest Man Alive (George Clooney).
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will finally tie the knot tomorrow in Bracciano, Italy.
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will finally tie the knot tomorrow in Bracciano, Italy.

The day is almost upon us. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will finally tie the knot tomorrow in Bracciano, Italy. In Touch touts the event as the wedding of the year, from the fairy-tale castle where the wedding will be held to the Armani dress Holmes will don. Star wonders if Holmes will be a pregnant bride, reporting that while shopping in Beverly Hills last week before descending upon Rome, it looked as if the actress had a bump.

Baby rumors surround another famous couple prone to adoption or pregnancy speculations -- Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Since they've been filming a movie in India, it's been adoption one week and baby bump the next, and this week, we get both. The rumors are more earnest this time around, with Star leading with the couple's "big baby announcement." The magazine reports that Pitt has news to share with his family this holiday season, and it could mean baby No. 4 for the pair. Whether Jolie herself is pregnant, or the two plan on adoption, the tabloid hears the "pitter-patter of little feet" in the couple's future. In Touch and Life & Style are betting on the latter, reporting that the two recently visited an Indian adoption center.

In the fallout after Britney Spears's divorce became public, the tabloids are diligently covering the fight for her two children and the truth behind her final days with soon-to-be-ex-husband Kevin Federline. Us Weekly dishes the details behind her plan for revenge, her impressive makeover and a narrative on the couple's last days together. Star reports that Spears caught her ex with another woman. But for the rest, it's all about the children. In Touch and Life & Style hone in on the fate of Spears' two sons. The latter tab also reminds us of Reese Witherspoon's own recent separation, reporting on her two children caught in the middle of her divorce from Ryan Phillippe.

In addition to its cover story on Spears, Us Weekly's main features include an exclusive of Nascar driver Jeff Gordon's wedding album, a heart-wrenching story from "American Idol" contestant Kellie Pickler, and news on Rosie O'Donnell's and Kristie Alley's violent diet war. The cover enables us to envision a world without the Holmeses and Jolies of Hollywood to feed our hunger for celebrity gossip, and that world is a scary and unsatisfying place.

People, meanwhile, is touting its long-standing Sexiest Man Alive franchise, and this year it's George Clooney. Seems he and his pal, Brad Pitt, have spent a lot of time joshing each other about their Sexiest Man status, but until now Pitt was the only one able to claim the nickname "Two-Time." Now we suppose he and Clooney can pass the sash back and forth till they're 70.
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