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Baby boomers bowing out sometime soon
Martha won’t be coming back to prime-time NBC next season, (AdAge.com QwikFIND AAR14C) but it looks like NBC found another blonde it hopes will fit in better: Candace Bushnell. The “Sex and the City” creator is working on a half-hour series about (surprise!) working women in Manhattan, based on her latest book, “Lipstick,” according to AP reports. A show about a group of friends in New York City? What an original idea!

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Post-boomer: 50 Cent
NBC might want to check out the latest predictions from Slate’s Jack Shafer before greenlighting its next series by a baby boomer type. While boomers still rule the media landscape by sheer size -– 77 million strong this year, 27% of the U.S. population -- he predicts we’ll soon start to see Gen X, Y and Z assert their influence in pop culture references pulled from “The Simpsons” and “Napoleon Dynamite.” Boomers also don’t get video games, rap music or text messaging abbreviations, so when any of those references start to bubble up with any regularity, we’ll know the boomer reign is on the wane. Shafer is also fielding suggestions of evidence that the post-boomers have already started the takeover at [email protected]

Who will be Time’s person of the year? A boomer, perhaps? While many of the choices being bantered about are boomer aged, several are also folks tied to the media business: iPod creator Steve Jobs, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, CIA leak target Valerie Plame, the Google Guys (we’re fully prepared for the "Taking over the world" headline) and even Mother Nature, whose hurricanes aimed at the southeastern U.S. PQ Media estimates cost the media business $1.6 billion in losses. (http://www.time.com/time/personoftheyear/2005/walkup/)

Meanwhile, GQ’s Men of the Year includes its first woman: Jennifer Aniston, chosen for her grace handling her divorce from Brad Pitt (who graced GQ’s June cover next to the headline “Brad Pitt Moves On”). (www.men.style.com/gq) To tout its unusual choice, GQ will publish three covers, with nary a boomer among them. A topless Aniston graces one, while the other two feature rapper 50 Cent and post-boomer poster boy Vince Vaughn.

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