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Google's shares break $400 mark
At just past noon, Yahoo’s stock was having a pretty good day, with a nice bump up past $40 a share. Yahoo execs probably felt pretty good, until they glanced over Google’s way. Google’s price was more than 10 times theirs, at $402 a share.
World domination, anyone?

It’s not quite yet at the point where we can say "It’s Google’s world, and we just live in it." But that breaking of the $400 mark makes us stop and take a deep breath to take stock of the situation. Google just launched Google Base, the application that is apparently set to eat the lunch of the entire newspaper industry, eBay, Amazon and Craigslist.

And it’s reportedly working on a service to be known as Google Automat, which would help sellers generate advertising, and another one of its projects is an online payment system. So add to the list of those to be worried ad agencies and PayPal.

Google’s stated mission is as ambitious as it gets: to organize the world’s information. Given the media industry’s main job is to produce information, we’re pretty sure we can guess what everyone’s New Year’s resolution will be. Figure out how to work with Google.

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