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Tabloids report: Much to worry about with Brangelina!
The celebity magazines have gone from matchmakers to couple's counselors this week over the Brad and Angelina story, which seems to have moved forward, um, not at all.
The tabs are full of 'worries' this week, as they wonder if Angelina is 'Jonesing for Jonny.'
In the absence of anything new to report, lots of “worries” are raised this week. Bauer’s In Touch says Angelina is worried that Brad is talking to Jen again. Life & Style, also published by Bauer, is worried that Angelina is talking to her ex, Jonny Lee Miller, and that she might be “Jonesing for Jonny.” American Media’s Celebrity Living says Angelina told Brad to "Stop Calling Jen!"

Jennifer Aniston is also very busy, what with Jessica Simpson asking her for divorce advice (Life & Style says) and trashing wedding dresses (Celebrity Style says.)

Over at Star, you can see Exclusive Photos! of Brad and Angelina’s new home, but sadly, it also reports that any wedding plans have been called off, because Angelina is just not ready for marriage. (Well sure, why would she be what with everything she has to worry about?)

She’s probably wise to be cautious, what with New Trouble for Britney and Kevin! (In Touch). Justin is telling her to LEAVE KEVIN! (Life & Style) And the Star agrees Britney needs to DIVORCE KEVIN NOW! Sigh. Hollywood is so hard on married couples.

We just hope these reality writers are getting health-care benefits.

Time Inc.’s People stays out of the fray this week, but Brad Pitt and Nick Lachey do make it in to its Sexiest Man Alive feature, as part of a Most Wanted Men list. The top honor goes to Matthew McConaughey.

In response to all that testosterone, Wenner’s Us Weekly goes with an all female cover featuring Kelly Ripa, Lindsay Lohan, Oprah Winfrey and Heidi Klum for its “Holiday Diet Tricks.”

Both, however, were asking Nicole Kidman Engaged? Apparently we need to ask Keith Urban.

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