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The Do-Gooder Persons of the Year.
The list of candidates for Time magazines Person of the Year included Steve Jobs, thanks to his iPod-ding of America, civil-rights leader Rosa Parks, outed CIA agent Valerie Plame, bicyclist and cancer-survivor Lance Armstrong and the Google Guys -– who don’t yet run the world, but will continue to power Time magazine sibling AOL. But in the end, Time decided to name three trying to use their powers for good as its 2005 selection: Bill and Melinda Gates and U2’s Bono. (time.com) The Good Samaritan trio even beat out Mother Nature, which in a year that had earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes wreaking immense destruction, would definitely have been a downer.

Why these three? Well, for starters, the 6-year-old Gates Foundation, with its endowment of $32 million, is out to be a catalyst to eradicate disease in third world countries. As for Bono, his day job may be front man for Irish band U2, but his legacy will be one of how he spends his off hours, raising his voice to get the world to pay attention to global poverty.

DaimlerChrysler’s Chrysler division rode along as sponsor with all of the run up to today’s selection, including the profiles that ran on CNN, took several pages in today’s issue and appeared under the billboard in Times Square that encouraged consumers to sent in their picture as a person of the year candidate. One place it did not appear was near any of the coverage of the suspicious wagers placed at Sportsbook.com, which the betting site said originated from a PR agency working with Time Warner. Those bets were for Mother Nature to win, which we hope wasn’t disappointing for her. (Afterall, it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.)

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