TomKitten Arrives and 'People' Gets the Scoop

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NEW YORK ( -- Well, the TomKitten has arrived. Watercooler offers our congratulations to the proud parents of baby girl Suri. The news came a little late in the week to make magazine deadlines. In fact, for what seems the first week in forever, there was not a single Cruise or Katie reference on the cover of Life & Style or In Touch. OK weekly's cover was behind the times, saying, "Katie: Why Docs Fear for Her Health." Us Weekly's headline: "Tom and Katie: Baby Secrets Revealed." Only People captured the glad tidings with its "It's a Girl!" cover announcement.

We'd also like to congratulate Brooke Shields on the birth of her daughter, Grier, whose arrival was somewhat eclipsed as a result of the Suri hullabaloo. Watercooler wonders what the odds were that Brooke and her anti-medication, depression-doubting debate partner would have their babies on the same day.

The recent birth of so many eagerly anticipated celeb babies (Donald Trump's Barron, Gwyneth Paltrow's Moses, Suri and Grier) means the end of this spring's baby boom is in sight. What will fill the pages of the tabs once they're all born? At least we have Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard's baby to look forward to. And of course, the real big event: the arrival of the Brangelina bundle.

Emotional Nick
In a brilliant bit of cross-promotion, Jann Wenner's Us Weekly has a cover story about Nick Lachey's interview with Rolling Stone, a magazine also owned by Wenner Media. Us Weekly conveniently gives us the Rolling Stone interview's vital stats. Number of times Lachey breaks down in tears: 6. Number of alcoholic beverages Lachey consumes: 4. Number of times Lachey says he still loves Jessica: 2. Apparently, Jess' ex told Rolling Stone: "I still love her. Love isn't the easiest thing to cut off." But to get the full portrait of the heartbroken man you have to buy a Rolling Stone.

Finally, over at Page Six, the cleanup begins. Rival Daily News reports that as part of the fallout from the Jared Paul Stern extortion scandal all freelance employees of the gossip page, including JPS himself, have been terminated. Now he'll have more time to devote to his Skull & Bones clothing line.
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